Roanoke-Chowan Community College

Home School Student Admissions

Looking for a smooth transition from home school to college? R-CCC welcomes qualified home schooled students and we have established easy to follow steps to make your application process stress-free.

Ready to get started? Follow these easy Steps to Enroll.

1. Apply for Admissions

Complete an application for admission either in person at the Admissions Office or online.

2. Submit Transcripts

In lieu of a high school diploma, you must present from the Division of Non-Public Education a copy of written acknowledgment to operate a home school. Acknowledgment letter must be sent to:
R-CCC Admissions Office
109 Community College Rd
Ahoskie, NC 27910

3. Apply for Financial Aid (if needed)

Nearly 90% of all R-CCC students receive financial aid from federal, state, and private sources. One application—the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – is used to determine the amount of aid you may receive. To meet deadlines and ensure fund availability, it is important to fill out your application as soon as possible. The R-CCC Financial Aid Office can assist you with questions regarding the completion and submission of your paperwork.

R-CCC School Code:  008613.

After You’ve Been Accepted

1. Student ID Number

As an accepted student, you will receive your “Student ID” the7-digit number in your acceptance letter. You are identified in our system by your Student ID number, so it is important to have it on hand when contacting any R-CCC business. You can also get your student id number from the Office of Admissions.

 2. Student Account

WebAdvisor is of the College’s official means of communication with students. Log in to WebAdvisor and follow the instructions for “New User.” If you have any problems logging into your account, please email your name and student ID to Computer access is available on campus in the Learning Resources Center, Student Lounge located in Student Services Center, and labs throughout campus.

3. Assessment

Complete assessment tests (if needed, based on ACT/SAT scores) in the Testing Center (Student Services Center, Office Suite 221-C). Call (252) 862-1238 to schedule an appointment.

4. Orientation

ALL newly enrolled degree-seeking students are required to complete a New Student Orientation Session as part of the pre-enrollment process. Orientation will cover  academic policies, getting connected to the college, and locating campus resources and services.  It is also a great opportunity to meet other students and become familiar with the campus.

5. Advising & Registration

Meet with an Academic Advisor to plan your academic path, select courses, and register for classes. Register early to ensure you enroll in your desired courses.  Students with the appropriate access may self-register through their WebAdvisor account.  High school and newly enrolled students may not self-register.

6. Book/Supplies/Student ID

Purchase books and supplies at the Bookstore (Jernigan Building, Room 111). Items needed at time of charge: a current student ID issued by Student Services, and a copy of your class schedule.  Financial Aid eligible students should view the Academic Calendar for dates in which to charge books.  Note:  There is a 5-day return policy on books.

7. Tuition

Financial Aid eligible students should ensure all financial aid paperwork is completed and aid is awarded to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and/or books.  Cash paying students can pay tuition and fees by phone, by mail, or in person at the Cashier’s Office (Jernigan Building, Room 102) by posted the deadline. R-CCC also offers a convenient e-cashier payment plan.


8. Updates and Schedule

The week before classes begin, logon to your WebAdvisor account to check for any changes to and/or print your class schedule.

And finally, attend class!!!